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Striving towards develop the youth of Randfontein with the necessary vision, attitude and skills to bridge the gap in the South African job market as well enriching their own lives and in turn their community.


2.1 Pillar 1- Advice & Referral

The advice and referral centre is the entry point to the organization. At the centre the youth have access to newspapers, internet, telephone and faxing facilities for the sole purpose of job searching. The youth are trained on compiling a CV as well as being prepared for the job market.

Youth are placed on a job search data base, so when employment opportunities present it the youth are placed from the data base into the working environment. An individual case is opened for the youth. According to their need the youth are revered to the relevant internal department for further assistance.

As soon as the youth secure an interview they are driven to the interview, the youth can make use of the baby care facility which takes care of their children when they partake in the program or being taken for an interview.

2.2 Pillar 2- Social Response Department

Our youth are faced with many social challengers. These challengers are some of the reasons why they are not growing to their full potential. In the Social Response Department youth are assisted with material assistance in the form of food bank, immediate emergency relief, baby parcels and emergency monetary assistance.

The Social Response Department is responsible for the marketing of the organization as well as the awareness programs in the community.

Due to our partnership with the Department of Justice the Social response team is responsible to facilitate the diversion program for the first time offenders send to us by the Randfontein Magistrate.

2.3 Pillar 3- Skills Development Department

Due to the lack of skills amongst our youth, Thusanang is therefore striving to develop skills amongst the youth of Randfontein. The only way to beat the evil hand of unemployment is for skills to be developed amongst our youth.

Thusanang Adventures offers the following skills programs:

  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • Welding

It has come to our attention that it is imperative before any training takes place, the youth will have to complete a week of life and business skills training.

The life skills’ training is a week where the following topics are being covered:

  • Attitude
  • Setting goals
  • Love
  • Values
  • Created for a purpose ect

After every training course the youth are placed on a job data base, where they are being taken for job opportunities from that data base. The organization does go out and search for job opportunities for the youth.

2.4 Pillar 4 – Entrepreneurship Development

Our country is in great need of entrepreneurs. We need our young people to become entrepreneurs so we can work together in growing our beloved country.

In the Entrepreneurship Development Department youth are assisted with compiling a business plan, financial advice, administration skills and registering of their company.

The youth are assisted with sourcing funding for their business initiative. Once funding has been sourced their business is being incubated for a period of 12 months, which will allow the youth the opportunity to grow their business.

Once it has been proven that the business is sustainable then the youth are allowed to generate money on their own.