Romani Hope

  • NY

About Us

The mission of Romani Hope is to promote awareness and understanding of the Romani Culture, the centuries of persecution and hardship that they have endured and continue to endure, and the great influence that their spirited culture has had on the modern day world.

Romani Hope sets out to convey this strong message to the world, through, KUMPANIA, a new Broadway bound American Musical that tells the story of the Romani community living in modern day New York City.

Told through Gypsy Music and Gypsy Dance by Romani performers from around the world, KUMPANIA creates a ground breaking Broadway experience unlike anything seen before on the stage before. Simultaneously it provides a large platform for the Romani people to dispel centuries of misunderstandings about them, and show the world who they really.

Romani Hope is one of the first American initiatives of its kind. The members of Romani Hope are made up of many Romani American citizens that are coming together for the first time to let the world know who they really are!