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About Us

My name is Jasmine Gheith and I want to let you know a bit about the Group that I am trying to start. S.A.T.A.C stands for "Sexually Abused Teens And Children" The reason behind this group has a sad story. As many people know, millions and millions of teens, children, and even adults are sexually abused each and everyday. In the year 2006, my family and I had found out that me and some friends had been sexually abused numerous times in our sleep while sleeping over at a friends house. It took me until the year 2008 to realize that I had a voice and that I needed to help those in need. S.A.T.A.C is a group that helps others that have been abused or that are being abused. I would like to start this group out as a "counseling" type but I have high hopes to make this national at some point. I know that with a little help from anybody, there can be a difference made here. I want to let everybody know that if they are being abused they are not alone, and the people at S.A.T.A.C are here for them when they need anything.