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About Us

Szymon Niemiec - founder of Equality Parade - first Polish parade for sexual minorities - gay activist, journalist, photographer and minister, has worked his entire adult life for others. His social projects, shared with homosexual, bisexual and transgender people started when Mr. Niemiec asked himself the question "Why not?".

As an answer for this question with a few friends he created the first gay parade in Poland, managed cultural association and created some other initiatives for freedom and equality.

In January 2008, after many months of work the formal establishment of the foundation "Friends of Szymon" was created to help reach needs of the community socially and politically. The creation of a legal foundation allows the organization to solicit assistance from others willing to contribute in helping build Poland as a country free from any type discrimination and non-democratic practices .

The "Friends of Szymon" Foundation in a non-governmental organization, without business relations, who invite to cooperate, artists, journalists and other people of good will, withs strong ideals of freedom and human rights as priorities

Foundation "Friends of Szymon" work together with French - American foundation "His Grace - Sa Grace", so our rainbow wings share dreams and ideas around the earth globe.