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‘Mission in Earth’


The earth has been stripped of her original beauty and natural calamities like flood, drought and earthquakes - the not so natural phenomenon occurs as man-made disaster. The survival of the major population of the world are an impossible dream today and are suffering from psychological distress, the people of the third countries even don't know the taste of the fruit of freedom, - freedom from hunger, insecurity, injustice and indignity.

Today we see no end to the multifarious forms of social, economical and environmental problems prevalent in India. Numerous corruption, ruthless exploitations, poor education system and exploding population are increasing unemployment and poverty day by day. Massive exploitation of natural resources, environmental rap and ecological crisis, has poisoned the air, ravaged the soil, stripped the forest bare and corrupted the water resources leading to an unsecured future. The country's education curriculums do not include appreciation of nature, experiential education and understanding of environmental crisis and its effect on us. The problems we are facing today, demands a change of attitudes, values and priorities on a political, cultural and personal level. It requires a bold rethinking of how we relate to each other and our world.

What we need is a proper education system that allows the human potentials to contribute towards a peaceful and healthy world. An Eco-friendly Spiritually Scientific Education System has a critical role to play in becoming a part of the solution. Spiritual Science expands understanding and awareness of the Laws of Nature. Goal of this study and practice is service to humanity.

Self Identification, Self Promotion and Self Channelization are the basic steps of Human Resource Development which can be climbed with Experiential and Spiritual Education only. We must, first, know our real identity and our basic relationship with fellow beings so that we can have spiritual love and can have concern for wellbeing of others. Experiential education gives you the opportunity to know yourself. We must also realize that we have a responsibility for our actions and that the quality of our actions can be raised by Meditation.

When we understand ourselves to be the both creations and co-creations of the Universe, we are then capable of realizing the ‘thought ray’ and its consequences. Spiritual Science is an open-ended system of thought. It teaches that each individual is a divine being who is the master of his or her own destiny. It is a practical, easily applied way of thinking about the Nature of the Universe and our relationship to it.

The man has to tackle his environment everyday for his survival, sustenance and prosperity. One should know the trees how they are used for the fuel and energy, for the fruit and food. One has also to know which trees and crops can grow in one’s locality. It is the basic education of a human being to know about features of natural environment, which effects man’s food supply; health and recreation. This is the education, which is indeed very important for children and adults for self fulfillment and social development. It helps in maintaining life and health, in self preservation, and in the preservation of human race.

Real education is that, which enables one to stand on his own legs. The education that does not help the common mass to equip themselves for the struggle of life, which does not bring out strength of character, does not give the idea of sacrificing for the common wealth, cannot be education. We need that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which future can be secured.

The new paradigm of this education system must identify and foster such skills, aptitudes and attitudes furnish both inspiration and the tools to create a more sustainable society. These skills, aptitude and attitudes include: reconnecting the human with the nature, linking social issues with environmental ones, emphasizing the importance of values and promoting real-life experiences.

The Eco-friendly spiritual education systems should strive to overcome the split of body and mind, man and nature. We support the growing recognition that education must fuse reason and emotion, knowledge and love, understanding and caring.

We should generate an interdisciplinary holistic approach to education in which science is embedded within cultural values, and social issues and environmental issues are linked.

Value education should give tools for critical thinking, reflection, analysis and of the value issues dilemmas that are at the root of environment and social issues. Such education should also encourage a critical look at our society and one’s personal lifestyle and its environmental implications.

Experiential education should supply relevant, real life experiences and situations and “hands on” activities. Eco-education should promote experiences of wonder and inspiration that strengthen appreciation and kinship with the local environment.

The visions of such a paradigm of the eco-friendly spiritual education system is to give birth to a generation that has a deep understanding of the total environment, the tools and values by which to evaluate this knowledge and finally, the empowerment and know how necessary in order to take positive action towards a more sustainable society.

‘Mission Justice’

'Mission Justice' is a People Participatory Research oriented Educative Program aimed at raising awareness about the deteriorating condition of the Humanisms and its consequences on the Universe which is leading to an uncertain future of the world. The main task of the Mission is to rebuild the linkage between Spirituality, Prosperity and the Environment, to find solution of the grave problems the human family is facing today. This Spiritual Struggle “Live and let Live” will lead the Socioeconomic revolution demanding the right to survival and right to development of the poor demanding to constitute the Eco-friendly Spiritually Scientific Education System for general development of the human and environment.

'Mission Justice' is to campaign the Eco-friendly Spiritually Scientific educational issue in India, and needs for the development of spiritual understanding for the sake of Nature and Humanity, to raise awareness among the country politicians and bureaucrats, appealing before the Government, Universities and other educational bodies for recognition and affiliation of this all-inclusive and extensive holistic education system to extend and further strengthen a base of quality education for the sake of the Universe and for immediate implementation of the ‘ISSWAR International’ for social benefit.

We are preparing to present a News Based Documentary Program 'Mission Justice' which will play a key role to educate the people in the degree sustainable development coexist with the local environment and will also bring a clear picture of the criminal activities to Nature and Humanity in live and true story shootings.

Interview programs will be conducted in every episode on the particular issue, with the concern Government Agencies, Research Institutions and other Responsible Organizations investigating deep into the matter, and Scientists, Experts and Specialists and Legal Consultants will participate in the program to offer suggestions to the public.

'Mission Justice' takes the task of educating people about the access to Justice for Protection of Environment, Fundamental Rights and natural Liberty to improve their capacity, which is capable of utilizing the people's potentials and strengthening the sustainable development.

The Documentations Program will not only carry topics like - Sustainable Development, Eco-friendly Establishment, Environmental Education, Human Resource Development, Energy and Development etc. but will also bring a clear vision of the grave situation of Nature and Humanity that will awake the inner eye of the viewers and will heat the heart with a vibration of resulting from inhumanity such as Ecological Crises, Environmental Rap, Poisoned Air, Ravaged Soil, Stripped Forest, Corrupted Water Resources; Destruction of Infrastructure, of Soul-rivers, Coast-lines, Lakes, Grasslands, and Hill sides, Irrational Use of natural Resources, Black Marketing and Smuggling, Distortion of Human Resource, Numerous Corruption, Restlessness, Child Servitude, Child Labor, Exploding Population, Genocide, Torture, Food Poisoning, Cruel Treatment, Sexual Slavery, Ruthless Exploitation, Threat to Peace, Act of Aggression, Attack Against Civilian Population etc.

Our vision is of a world where the poor people can realize their full potential as a human being in a society. We are confident that Mother Nature will help us every way as the friend, philosopher, nurse and guide. We know that it is Nature where one can find peace, solace, harmony and tranquility.

“Institute of Spiritual Science & World Analytical Research”

ISSWAR International

The Institute of Self development for Success in life based on ‘Humanism and Moral values’, ‘Spiritual Wisdom’, ‘Attitude Management’, ‘Experiential education’ and Practicing easy ‘Thought Yoga Meditation’, for international volunteers to learn and educates people about the universal religion of human being and the natural law of humankind - the ‘Humanism’.

The ‘ISSWAR International’ is to Carry out people participatory experimental research on ‘Spiritual Science’ (Godly Service), which is an open-ended system of thought to know the system of Generation, Operation and Destruction (GOD) of the universe, and expands understanding and awareness of the Laws of Nature. Goal of this study and practice is service to humanity.

ISSWAR International’ is a humanitarian experiential international residential educational institution aimed at providing quality education for Children and Adults to promote the overall aspects of daily life - Practical, Social, Moral, Aesthetic and Intellectual.

‘ISSWAR International’ is to impart experiential and value education to expertise people in Natural Resource Management to enable individuals to tackle their environment everyday and ensure their survival, sustenance, peace and prosperity.

‘ISSWAR International’ is to educate people how to use their potentials in sustainable ways allowing them to contribute towards a healthy and peaceful world. This education project integrates moral and spiritual education in an environmental context for children and adults.

In order to implement the ISSWAR, a residential educational institution for international volunteers to learn and educates people about the universal religion of human being and the natural law of humankind - the ‘Humanism’, at Chitrachal Chariali, Pachim Nabagraha (West of the Nine Planet Temple) 21, Bhaskargiri, Kharghuli, Guwahati – 781004, India, Mission has started constructing guard walls and planting trees to materialize the vision of this extensive central project of the Eco-friendly Spiritual Education system, at the Nabagraha hill in the heart of the Guwahati city on the southern bank of River Brahmaputra, in Assam where volunteers and representatives from all over the world would come for experience, training and follow-up support by specialists to find a solution of the grave problem the Human Family is facing today.

The ISSWAR complex will develop and demonstrate multi storied and roof top horticulture, floriculture, sericulture, bee-keeping, birds and animal preservation, rain water harvesting, water treatment and solar energy utilization, waste management, food processing, handlooms and handicrafts units for best utilization of land resources and time. ISSWAR complex will comprise Missionaries Hostel, Administrative Office and Worker’s Quarter, Library, Exhibition Hall, First Aid Clinic, Auditorium for Seminar, Cultural Program, and Ceremony etc.

The ISSWAR International is to carry out Spirituality and Humanism, World Analysis, Environmental Educational Research, promotion of responsive Eco-tourism and information exchange on environmental cooperation etc. It will take the responsibilities of an International Institute for Human Resource Development, where people from various walks of lives can learn and educate others for the sake of nature and humanity. This is the center of social harmony, cultural resources and humanity healing.

The Head Quarter of the ISSWAR, this Eco-complex will provide a different living experience with Nature to the Missionaries in a Royal and Typical traditional style. The ISSWAR complex will introduce a sustainable system of living in this concrete world. This Green Palace will be the resource centre for traditional Arts and Crafts and the Heritage of Diverse Culture of Northeast India.

The ISSWAR International is looking forward to work with the people from different countries to bring out the concept of ‘Spiritual Science’ before the global community raising awareness about the deteriorating condition of the universe and its consequence on humanism educating people about the ultimate goal of human existence.


Northeast is the richest part of India with its natural resources. It is the matter of great agony that the people of this land have no scope to utilize their own resources to reduce their poverty. No initiatives are taken in awakening the people to the key issues of sustainable development, to look over the linkage between ecology and human development and good management of their land, water and forest. Unless and until the young generation is educated to come forward and root out these evils, the future of the land is bleak.

To do something for the underprivileged, it is significant to enter deep into the people and know them in real. Let us be a true change agent for building the future of those in need and work not only for them but with them. This will bring far-reaching change in our actual practice of development; it is the only yardstick and a new beginning of a new horizon.

In this program, ‘Traveler’s Mission’ welcomes you to the Northeast India – a land of indigenous people with unique cultures and breathtaking natural beauty and one of the selected and virgin destinations of the world with tremendous scope for responsive Eco-tourism.

In the Northeastern part of India most of the unemployed youths are frustrated and leading an uncertain life. Many of them are misguided, wrong directed and misused by the opportunist leaders. Some of them are suffering from psychological distress. In fact they have lost their faith in life due to no way of survival. Unless and until the young generation is educated to come forward and root out these evils, the future of the land is bleak.

Rural people here, like many other small traditional and balanced societies around the world, are particularly vulnerable to propaganda aimed at making them feel inferior and ashamed of their traditional ways of life. Old traditional masters are now passing away without transmitting their knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, today’s youth are generally influenced by western cultures and do not realize the value of their own cultural heritage. These traditions may be lost forever unless something is done at the grass-root level to preserve and teach their values and benefits along with the general education.

Shrouded by mighty Himalayan hills, the entire North-East region is believed to be one of the most beautiful region in South Asia in terms of fetching immense opportunities of ecotourism. The dense forests lying in foothills of Himalayan hills are stunning in their natural beauty, and are home to many of wildlife parks including Manas National Park and Kaziranga National Park, which are natural World Heritage Site. Besides, numerous of lovely waterfalls and caves are another beautiful attraction of the wonderful land of North-East India.

North-East India lie deep in the lap of easternmost Himalayan hills in north-eastern part of India. Connected to rest of India by merely 20 km of wide land (at Siliguri, West Bengal), the North-East India shares over 2,000 km of border with Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Guwahati ‘The Light of the East’ is the gateway to the North East region. The Nine Planet Temple on Chitrachal Hill in the heart of the capital city on the southern bank of river Brahmaputra is an important centre for the study of Astronomy and Astrology. This is the main station for the Mission from where you will enter different villages of Assam, Nagaland and Meghalaya by different transports like steam boat, ferry, bus, train, small vehicles and bicycle. It is a popular destination for tourists and visitors from India and Abroad round the year. The program may be extended to other states of the region subject to the term of volunteering and other conditions.

This community oriented actions and participatory research program is to experience the environmental resource, ecological factors in relation to human resource development, democracy, human rights and social, political and cultural differences within the country.

‘Traveler’s Mission’ provides you the unique opportunity to get into the natives, be a part of them and learn about their land, culture, way of living, the prospects for their sustainable development etc. Staying with the locals you will find the relation between human values and tradition and the linkage between cultural beliefs, environment and socioeconomic stability. This knowledge will help you to educate the people to develop their capacities for proper utilization of natural and local resources in a planned, scientific and sustained manner.

You will enjoy the diverse and colorful cultures, customs and festivals of the natives, staying with them in a homely atmosphere. The mission organizes fun-filled study tours at regular intervals to know the bio-diversity and environmental impact on human resource.

ISSWAR has a house in the heart of the Guwahati city of Assam, which provides accommodation for the Missionaries. And also the family members of the Mission from the different villages arranges for the volunteer's stay with them. These arrangements provide only simple accommodations and local food with the people without any extra facilities, which give the Missionaries all the privilege to get into the people and be one with them. If you have an understanding mind, a mentality to trust others, love for the human family and this small planet Earth, willingness to take initiatives and work independently and collaboratively in a multicultural context, and the capacity to adjust with the living style of the poor people, you get the real value of human life in this Mission.


Participants are requested to enter deep into the rural poor, rising awareness about the deteriorating condition of the universe and its impact on humanity encouraging them to develop their traditional skills and indigenous technology for their sustainable development.

Living with the natives in different places, know the social, cultural, economical, political, environmental and ecological situations and the scopes for sustainable developments, and carry out a people participatory research for the establishment of the Eco-friendly Spiritual Education System.

Carry out a final project presentation for the establishment of the extensive central project of the Eco-friendly Spiritual Education System, where students, volunteers and representatives from far reach communities would come for experience, training and follow-up support by specialists.

Prepare the blueprint, features and presentation for the proposed ISSWAR complex adjusting through local custom, culture and environment on your observation of the Land, Area, local and natural resources, human resource capacities, infrastructure, environment, etc. and estimated cost for submission to the local Government and Financial Institutions for financial support for its implementation

Do campaigning about this all-inclusive project, for the vital needs of its implementation and Communicate with Well Wishers; concern Government Departments, Politicians, Supporters, Volunteers, and Donors for the establishment of the ‘ISSWAR International’ with the interest of human family.

Document the pictures of the criminal activities to Nature and Humanity in live and true story shootings to bring consciousness about all the 'apparently inoffensive habits' that daily contribute to this depleting inertia. Documentation of the indigenous technologies will be an added advantage for the preservation and wider responsible use of traditional knowledge, skills and resources, and will play a key role to educate people in the ambit of sustainable development.

Provide counseling to the unemployed youths for their Eco-friendly self-employment relating to local resources. Organize the rural poor to produce various Eco-friendly handlooms and handicrafts and Coordinate in promoting these products for their economical well-being.

Help in designing curriculum for the Eco-friendly Spiritual Education System including the preparation and development of training and resource materials.

Assist the director in correspondence for the smooth functioning of the Mission. Connect organizations and individuals interested for partnership in establishing the ISSWAR with a global interest.

Design events to raise awareness on health and environment and help in arranging free medical camps for the poor and needy. Organize cultural programs to develop understanding of diverse culture. Promote publications and maintain rapport with media.

You may interact with the children giving them English conversation training, Sanitation and hygiene related education, Health awareness, Gardening, Drawing, Playing and Entertainment programs like Music, Dancing etc. You may also get involved in different other activities of the mission, such as organizing cultural programs, conducting various events etc.

Needs in Mission

A) Mission is looking for Cameraman with camera, Director and Assistant Director with or without experiences, Scriptwriter, Editor and creative thinkers and financers to implement the 'Mission Justice'.

B) We are in need of Project Consultant, Architect and Civil Engineers to prepare blue print and project presentation for the establishment of the the extensive central project of the Eco-friendly Spiritual Education system, the “Institute of Spiritual Science & World Analytical Research”, (‘ISSWAR International’) at the Nabagraha hill in the heart of the Guwahati city on the southern bank of River Brahmaputra, in Assam, India, where volunteers and representatives from all over the world would come for experience, training and follow-up support by specialists.

C) ‘ISSWAR’ don't have a systematically organized office with required office accessories like computer etc. and appointed staffs as it is not in a position, at present, to afford to pay the employees, which is one of the main reasons for the slow progress of the mission. Donation in kind of office automations and sponsoring manpower will be a great help in this situation.

D) ‘ISSWAR International’ has a house for volunteers in the Guwahati city of Assam but not sufficient furniture for comfortable stay of volunteers. Building materials for construction and furniture are the important requirement at this moment to upgrade this volunteer's home. Anyone can help ‘ISSWAR’ by donating in any kind - manpower, money, materials etc.

E) All can help ‘ISSWAR’ by becoming Missioneries, Partner or Connecting any organization and individual interested for partnership to take initiative for the establishment ‘ISSWAR International’.

F) Your valuable comment, suggestions and advices and initiative in order to meet the required goal of the mission will be highly helpful to take the Mission further.

G) You can definitely help by spreading the mission in your community.


Please filled up this Holiday Missionaries Joining Form

Please call Mission Director Pranab Saikia, @ +91 7896488220. He will receive you at Guwahati, the gateway of Northeast India. Guwahati is well connected by airways, railways and a network of roads with all the prominent cities of the country.

All interested organizations and individuals who would like to widen their scope of vision and multicultural understanding through traveling are invited to participate in the 'Traveler's mission'. We welcome one and all who are deeply concerned with the grave situation of Nature and Humanity.

Most importantly, participants should wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of human rights and the rights of the earth and have willingness to render their services for the sake of nature and humanity. We prefer those personalities who can take up the challenge boldly in an all-inclusive effort to make the mission a resounding success.

Your participation in this mission will be highly valued. We are in strong need of your guidance and support to save the deteriorating scene of this strained and distressed world. From the date of joining, ISSWAR takes every care for you including your food, Accommodations etc. in a homely environment and arranges all transportation during the mission.


Comfortable formal clothes and shoes for easy movement. Warm clothes for winters. Sleeping bag. Personal Medicine. You may carry a computer to carry out your work comfortably.


Presently, you can select any of the following three terms in this mission:

Long term traveling volunteers mission (6 months)

In this Six Months program, you get sufficient knowledge and experiences by exploring different places of the region to boost the mission in order to reach the goal. This long-term program allows you to enjoy a fruitful outcome of your great effort towards this global cause.

Medium-term traveling volunteers mission (3 months)

Even though 3 months time is not quite enough to visit more places, the knowledge and experiences that you gain by visiting various places within this time and interacting with the locals, you can make a significant contribution towards the goal.

Short-term traveling volunteers mission (1 month)

This 1 month time is just enough to know the ISSWAR and its people. However you can take initiatives by working individually or collaboratively for the purpose.

Though Guwahati is our main station for the mission we have to spend major portion of the time in the rural areas for the purpose. We need to travel frequently from the remote villages to the towns and cities to communicate with concern Government Departments, Politicians, Supporters as well as the outer world, preparing for the establishment of the central project in the gateway of Northeast India, the naturally richest but economically poorest part of the country.

Guwahati, the head quarter of the mission, offers you something extra. Visit the places of Art and Culture, Zoo, Museum etc. Do take a boat ride or a walk by the riverfront. Make new friends and enjoy the social evenings.

As a part of your work, you will be visiting different places of Ecological, Socio-Cultural, Historical, Economical and political importance of Northeast India to gather information on scopes of sustainable development.

In this mission you will discover a world in centuries back, ungrudgingly blessed by Mother Nature with an abundance of natural scenic grandeur, a wealth of rarest flora and fauna with many endangered species of wildlife which includes the Rhinoceros, Golden Langur, Hoolock Gibbon, Pigmy Hog, Hispid Hare, White Winged Wood-duck, Tiger, Clouded Leopard, Swamp Deer, Gangetic Dolphin etc.

You will visit Shillong and Cheerapunji in Meghalaya, a land of picturesque beauty and the National parks, wildlife sanctuaries and other reserve forests in Assam, to know the present situations of this natural world and prospects of responsive Eco-tourism in the region.

Adventurous journeys to hill stations, which are still virgin with their intense natural beauty, will connect you with the youth of indigenous communities in these highlands to know the daily reality of these ordinary people in this increasingly globalize world.

Warm hospitality of the people and real friendships will make you emotional, during your stay here.

At the end of the program the locals will felicitate you for your work and contributions towards the great cause. As a founder member of this extensive holistic education system with global aims, you will be in touch always with the organization and will be receiving the progress report of the ‘Mission in Earth” from time to time wherever you are in the world.

All the basic principles of this mission are globally universal. We are looking for responsible organizations and individuals for sponsoring the Missionaries to this holistic purpose. However, the mission is launched on the basis of freely offered financial contribution of the participants.

The Missionaries, who are interested for the purpose but are not capable to bear their expenses, are cordially requested to look for sponsors, or raise fund in their locality, to meet their expenditures of this mission for a Universal cause.

The entire individual expenses of a participant is US$40 a day, in average, which includes, food, accommodations, all transportation and other miscellaneous expenditures during the mission. As the operation includes a lot of traveling, the expenditure for transport is the most.

Kindly specify a term of participating mentioning your Date of Birth, Sex, Nationality, Present address with phone number (if any) and your possible financial contribution to bear your individual expenses during the Mission in your Letter of Interest.

Please do not hesitate to call, @ +91 7896488220 or +91 7896959572 to ask me any question any time.

Thank you very much for your kind interest towards this great Universal Cause.

Kind Regards

Pranab Saikia

Mission Director

‘Mission in Earth’


The earth has been stripped of her original beauty and natural…

Areas of Focus Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Volunteering


  • 21, Bhaskargiri, Kharghuli
    Chitrachal Chariali, Pachim Nabagraha, Near Pani Tanki
    Guwahati, AS 781004

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