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We are a group of activists, anarchists and freethinkers who believe in relationships and lifestyles that do not oppress and are non-coercive. We are dedicated to helping dismantle civilization and its next-of-kin, capitalism. We do not support a world which privitizes land and rapes the earth in its operation. We are dedicated to disseminating information for how to bring down this system as well as how to implement sustainable or regenerative principles in its place.

We understand that we occupy a peculiar position in the print industry (because it's an industry). The books we print, the way we ship them, the computers and printers we use are all a result of exploited labor. Until this is not the case, until those in positions are gone and there are no longer centralised groups that steal the energy we would have given to the land and our comrades, the work we do will be provided under the administration of capitalism. We do not exist because we thrive at the expense of others - we are here to give back what we can, in the form of books, to those who must rise against the system and those in power.


26 August 2011 Subsect Press publishing house seeks Marketing Intern

Subsect Press is offering a part-time, unpaid internship on our team. We are a new, non-profit press working on publishing our first collectively-written book on Post-Civilization theory and practice (

We are anti-authoritarian publisher working on publishing fiction and non-fictionalike. We use all of our sales towards printing costs and implementing spaces consistent with our beliefs. As we are a small and informal group so you will get a chance to work in all aspects of our operations. The internship's work is online/web-based.

The team member we are seeking is a marketing and publicity intern. The internship requires 5-10 hours of web work per week.

Tasks include: a) contacting blogs and media outlets for publicity b) researching & developing new marketing opportunities c) editing & updating new website d) editing & updating database of online contacts e) researching new printing and binding options

This internship is unpaid but we are willing to fill any forms with your degree-granting institution if you would like to work for educational credit.

If you are or will be capable of the above tasks and are interested in joining our team please write to us at subsectpress(at)hush(dot)ai.