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About Us

The overall purpose of the Greenhouse Project is to provide a Christian home for orphans in Uganda, Africa, where they can grow in the knowledge and fear of the Lord. We came upon the name of this project from an analogy of an actual greenhouse. During the winter season, a greenhouse provides a safe, nourishing place for plants to grow. While it most vegetation may be dead outside, the plants within the greenhouse are warm and healthy. And after the cold has passed, the mature plants can then be planted back into their natural environment-growing and reproducing. Our goal at the Greenhouse Orphanage is to take these children out of their parentless environments and place them in a type of "greenhouse"-an orphanage conducive to growth. Being rooted in Christ, we plan to raise these children to be the future of Uganda, giving them hope and a chance for salvation for the glory of God Romans 11:36 states, "For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever. Amen." According to this verse, God is the source, means and end of all things imaginable-thus, all glory will eventually rebound to him. We wish to operate the orphanage in such a way that God will be praised and made much of because of our efforts.

To help orphans physically GHO is rescuing orphans from the streets and rural areas of Kampala, Uganda. Being a part of GHO is like being a part of a large family where each child receives: Food Bedding Opportunity for recreation Education from a local school system to help orphans spiritually at the orphanage, they are taught to pray and hope in the God of the Bible. They also participate in a local church. Acknowledging that salvation comes from the Lord, GHO seeks to provide an environment where the children are encouraged to learn about the Lord and have faith in the gospel. Our hope is that these children will come to treasure Christ and eventually take his gospel out into Uganda and further into Africa. Helping them realize their dreams.