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About Us

Someone sleeping on the train, under a bridge, in an alleyway or in an abandoned building, is an eye sore – well a heart sore really. Observing these daily acts of violence, led I Soar Productions, a video production & performance art company, to create the not-for-profit This entity was developed to deal specifically with human rights issues, education and community development and empowerment, in an effort to enable society on the whole to rise above personal, political and social conflicts. aims to provide a culmination of information, treatment, education, job placement, and/or housing for the homeless in New York City. It is our goal to work towards eradicating homelessness on a global scale; we want to go beyond buying the homeless a cup of coffee or giving them a few bucks, but to really rescuing those who are trapped in the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and violence.

Our passion to create a positive change led us to question the overall phenomenon of homelessness itself. Why are people homeless; what factors contributed their present condition; and what part can we play in making a long-term difference in their lives?

Therefore with the help of various individuals and organizations, we are able to provide these services free of cost; in order to empower the homeless with the knowledge that they are human and their humanity is something worth treasuring.

Nadrae Grashin Executive Director