Need To Read Book Club

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About Us

Need To Read Book Club connects reading and service in order to create powerful results among middle school students! Club chapters have been successfully implemented in public schools, private schools, and at-risk children’s organizations by:

  • Personalized Education: Students choose books they want to read from pre-selected, thematic book lists, based on their personal interests and reading abilities. Giving students choice, NTRBC enables them to build knowledge in subjects that interest them, empowering them to become active participants in their education.
  • Giving Students Books: Students choose books they get to keep. After participating four years in NTRBC, students will have built a personal home library of 24 books of different genres, including classics, biographies, historical fiction, fiction, nonfiction, mystery, sci-fi, and poetry.
  • Reading Application: Through stimulating book discussion and activities, NTRBC engages students in reading by helping them connect their personal life to information in their books. Through group discussion, students experience personal validation and confidence, as well as appreciate each other’s differences.
  • Access to All Students: NTRBC gives students the opportunity to choose books that match their personal reading ability by offering ones of different lengths and lexile levels. Book discussion and activities connect the books so that strong and struggling readers participate in the same club.
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills: All NTRBC book discussion and activities encourage critical thinking, analysis and problem solving. With open discussion, all students have fun sharing their ideas and participating in these higher order thinking activities.
  • Making A Difference: Through the “Reading For Others” Service Project, students experience firsthand the difference reading makes. By directly correlating how much they read with their ultimate success to provide books for at-risk children, students become enthusiastic readers and community leaders.
  • Cross-Curricular: NTRBC broadens students’ minds through activities that enrich and connect language arts, American history, world history, European history, geography, social studies, drama, creative writing, music, visual arts, mathematics, foreign languages, physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • Making It Easy for Teachers: NTRBC helps teachers turn students into enthusiastic readers by providing fun and creative programming that is easy to implement. Through our Members-Only website, we provide extensive resources that can be used for monthly meetings or as daily supplements in the classroom.

Need To Read Book Club will create powerful results among your middle school-aged students, despite socio-economic situation and reading level. By turning students onto reading, NTRBC improves their academic performance and encourages them to become leaders in their communities.