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About Us

Batul Vision for Development is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote education, health care, agriculture, and recreation services with vision of improving the quality of life in underdeveloped communities in Southern Sudan. Batul Vision for Development was formed in 2008 with aims of rebuilding Southern Sudan through infrastructures of school facilities, health care facilities, orphans & homeless children shelter, agriculture, and recreation services. Sudan has been affected by civil war since 1983. The civil war has claims more than two million lives and uproots more than four million people according to humanitarian agencies. Sudan has suffered from social underdevelopment due to the civil war. There is poor infrastructure, political instability, and lower standard of living such as basic health care and education.

Our Mission:

v To enhance the quality of life for all Sudanese communities, especially those who were been victimize by civil war, by providing the opportunity to gain access to education, health care, and agriculture.

v Supported small farmers with the tools and opportunities to enhance their productivity, increase their incomes, and build better lives for their families and community.