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About Us

The Online Think Tank and Clearinghouse of the Violence Against Women Movement

CAVNET is an international membership organization addressing violence against women and crime victims with disabilities.

A recipient of a Ms. Foundation grant, CAVNET is a tax-exempt nonprofit based in Washington DC. Founded and operated by the former Special Counsel to the Violence Against Women Office at the Justice Department, CAVNET has developed an international network of professionals addressing domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, incest, stalking, juvenile justice, human rights, same sex violence, and crime victims with disabilities.

We enhance collaboration among a diverse international community which includes law enforcement, judges, clergy, human rights advocates, lawyers, health care professionals, social workers, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, disability advocates, and hundreds of others.

Visit our comprehensive online database, located at, built and used by professionals addressing violence against women.

Ms. Foundation For Women:

"CAVNET was created in 1997 with no financial resources, but a clear determination to develop and share anti-violence resources among experts, advocates, advocacy organizations, and survivors. CAVNET...allows experts and advocates to debate issues related to violence...., providing subscribers with a way to collaboratively address violence against women and children. Through its work, CAVNET positions groups nationally and globally to receive information and respond instantaneously."

Bonnie Campbell, Former Director of the Violence Against Women Office , U.S. Department of Justice:

"CAVNET has shown itself to be the premier online database concerning violence against women.... Not only does CAVNET provide timely and substantive research online, it does so in a way that saves time and resources. The busier you are, the more valuable it is. It's like having a research team of experts, available night and day... As former Director of the Violence Against Women Office at the Justice Department, I'm proud to be on CAVNET's Board of Directors, and grateful for the resource.”

Rita Smith, Executive Director, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV):

"Grass roots advocacy is at the heart of what we do at the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. We recognize the value of educating the public and policy makers about this epidemic. CAVNET has been a resource like no other - an extraordinary online database of information on violence against women and an online network of experts and advocates from around the world, collaborating across disciplines. ... I am pleased to be on CAVNET's Board of Directors and urge everyone to take advantage of this amazing resource."

Sheila Dauer, Director Women's Human Rights Program Amnesty International USA:

"Amnesty International USA's Women's Human Rights Program has found CAVNET to be an invaluable resource as we learn about the longstanding and current work of US oganizations and lawyers working to stop violence against women and also as a way to communicate with this network about what AI and AIUSA are doing on violence against women as a human rights violation. We look forward to many more years of excellence from CAVNET."

Nancy E. O'Malley, Chief Assistant District Attorney, Alameda County District Attorney's Office Oakland, California:

"Through the incredible level of networking, including the support and participation of people from around the country, CAVNET has become the premier listserv on violence against women issues. Through CAVNET, expeditious legal research is extensive and broad based. Important social and political dialogue is fostered, which allows us to continue to examine what we as a country, we in the different states and local communities are doing to respond to violence against women. These social and political conversations have empowered those of us working in this field, as well as those experiencing violence as part of their lives, to implement effective change with the hope and belief that some day, we will bring an end violence against women. Without CAVNET, these national conversations simply would not occur. CAVNET has brought together such a powerful, broad and eclectic group who, by a touch of the keyboard, can be current with the issues and have a national voice. It is those individuals participating in CAVNET who can and will create a world free of violence against women.”

Nancy M. Ryan, Executive Director, Cambridge Women's Commission, Cambridge, MA.:

"CAVNET gives me a wide variety of viewpoints from activist to academic to government as well as a rich treasure trove of ideas for enhancing or creating projects to reduce violence against women....The single most useful reference point for domestic violence and sexual assault.... I deeply appreciate the vision and commitment that underlie its creation."

Susan Holt, Program Manager, STOP Partner Abuse/Domestic Violence Program, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, CA:

"Timely and accurate information is crucial to violence prevention, and in our effort to educate about the relatively invisible topic of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) domestic violence, there is no better online database than that found on CAVNET. We rely on CAVNET to bring us valuable information and to disseminate our work to experts, advocates, and the public in a way no one else can. We are proud to be part of CAVNET's international network of content providers and participants, and recommend it without hesitation."

Kim Roberts, MSW, The Humane Society of the United States:

"As the Manager of the First Strike Program of The Humane Society of the United States, I joined CAVNET early in its development. As my program focused on the connection between animal cruelty and various forms of human violence, I sought to establish contacts and find resources to assist me in sharing information with those in the human service professions. CAVNET quickly proved to be an invaluable resource. I was not only able to share useful information with those outside of my field, I was able to develop mutually beneficial relationships with leaders in many of the violence-related fields. As a result of my participation in CAVNET, I was able to educate professionals in a variety of fields about the connection between animal cruelty and human violence who in turn, incorporated this knowledge into improving services for human victims of violence...."

Lyn Bates Vice President, AWARE:

"When I got a request from a person trying to help a young woman in Ecuador who is being stalked, I knew just where to turn: CAVNET. Within a day, several members sent me the names of nearly two dozen Ecuadorian organizations that may be able to help her! Without CAVNET, I would have had nothing to offer her in her language near her home. The CAVNET members are professional, knowledgeable, and very willing to share their expertise."


“CAVNET has been the most valuable resource of information for me throughout the last few years. As a victim of domestic violence including emotional and financial abuse and other abuses including child kidnapping, CAVNET has provided moral support and legal education, and has guided me to otherwise hard to find legal resources. In addition, CAVNET has put me in contact with specialists in domestic violence, and supportive and knowledgeable advocates. CAVNET has put together Advisory Committees providing excellent information which guided me while representing myself in court in a custody battle ( I am most grateful for the help and empowerment that CAVNET has given me.”

Membership is by invitation-only or application-only. The membership is $35 annually. Our EIN Number is 52-2117529.

You may pay or donate by check or online by credit card. We have now set up an easy way for supporters to pay in installments, or contribute any amount they want, by pre-authorized automatic monthly charges to your credit card. Consider donating to our scholarship fund. For every two new paid memberships you successfully bring to CAVNET, we will donate one free membership. You may designate to whom the free membership will be awarded, subject to their being accepted for membership. If you do not designate someone, we will select someone to receive the free membership, or you may apply the scholarship to yourself. Payments and donations may be made by credit card online or by check or money order made payable to CAVNET, Inc., addressed to Marc Dubin, Executive Director, 2711 Ordway Street N.W., #111, Washington, D.C. 20008. Please put name and email address on check.

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