Rev!elations Center of Evolutionary Being, Inc.

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1823 W 78th Place
Los Angeles
United States

About Us


The primary purpose of Rev!elations Center of Evolutionary Being, Incorporated (RCEB) is to resurrect the dignity and divinity of the human spirit, and revitalize the merging of heart, body, and mind with the natural earth. Its secondary purpose is to serve as a community center, nurturing effective integration of the authentic spirit within the greater community.

Project Summary

RCEB will: ~ function as a non-profit, faith based community service center & retreat facility, dedicated to the promotion of affordable holistic healing, spiritual development, and peace studies.

~ feature 1) educational programs & services, 2) mental health services, 3) sponsorship of physical wellness & recreational activities, 4) daily prayer and meditation services, 5) a reading resource room & gift store, 6) and nature appreciation and preservation.

~ target sliding scale services to individuals in greatest need, including single women, children, teens and adults of traditionally disenfranchised communities. We will market our fee-based programs, services and activities to all members of the greater community.

~ support itself primarily through grants and contributions from private and corporate donors. Discretionary income will come from gift store sales, fee-based programs, services and activity charges.