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About Us

We believe in equality of access for all our students: Ethnic, racial, socioeconomic differences and learning or physical disabilities are not a barrier. Even your location will not stand in our way. We are committed to give you the tools to success, no matter what your background is.

We are the world's first secondary high school. It means that we teach students who already go to regular high schools outside of the US, with an emphasis on students from poor countries. They graduate with the US APID (Advanced Placement® International Diploma)+SAT & an internal certificate of their unique track (journalism, for example).

Equity in Access

We do not believe in barriers. Ethnic, racial and socioeconomic related problems, learning disabilities or physical disabilities, even your location will not stand in our way. We are committed to give you the tools to success, no matter what your background is.

Generate and Transmit Knowledge

We know how hard it is to find good learning resources. Trust us, we have gone through every textbook. Textbooks and other good materials usually cost... a lot. One of our goals is to create qualified, top-notch learning materials and release it to the public. We must not keep knowledge to ourselves, and knowledge must not be kept behind gates that only money can open.


One of our main goals is the accessibility of education for people with various disabilities. It is not a secret that regular educational systems are not thrilled about having disabled students, of any kind - be it mild or hard cases. We welcome people with disabilities. They are our everyday challenge, something that keeps us going – we try to make education accessible for every person. It can be something as mild as colour blindness or a difficult case of learning / physical / mental disabilities. Harari embraces everyone.

Research Skills - The Way of a True Scholar

We teach humanities. We love humanities. Humanities are the base of the human soul and the universal culture. Humanities are all about research. We are committed to offer research-oriented education; we want our students to leave Harari feeling that they are ready to research, or at least are capable of research on their own. By offering a great number of upper-division research-based courses, and by adding a medium of research to our high school courses, we try to educate the next generation of scholars.