Tsige Tadese Orphanage Center


Addis Ababa

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About Us

Tsige Tadese Welajalba Yehisanat Masdegia

Our organization, Tsige Tadese Welajalba Yehisanat Masadegia, was established with the aim of care and support to the orphaned children due to mainly HIV / AIDS and other causes. In our effort to serve these children .We are providing minimum in some cases below standard services to the children under our custody to resource constraints. There are 106 Orphans in our center there age from 3 month --- 16 years.

Our hundred six orphan’s children are accommodated for shelter in a 12 meter by 5 meter house .Built from local materials {wood and mud} and corrugated iron roof and divided it to three for boys, girls, and infants. The children are fed and clothed up to the standard local poor farmers due to resource constraint .Those who reached school age go to the government school and they are doing fairly good in their education .There is a small playground with equipment in the compound of the orphanage. The major source of income is the sale of milk from 7 cow’s dairy farm, which is becoming difficult due to the high cost fodder. Mostly w/ro Tsige covers the deficit with assistance from occasional visitors and friends.

For more info and appointment please contact the public relationship Ato Abera 002510911249079.

We hope that you will replay to us and you will visit our center.