Blackout Arts Collective

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About Us

The BLACKOUT Arts Collective (BAC) is a nonprofit organization working to empower communities of color through the arts, education and activism. BAC brings together artists and activists to utilize the arts as a tool to address social, political and economic issues, and to develop solutions for critical concerns facing communities of color. Their work educates, inspires and brings to the forefront topics such as the expanding prison industrial complex, police brutality, domestic violence, lack of arts programs in public schools, and voter registration.

The BLACKOUT Arts Collective organizes monthly showcases featuring artists of color who perform music, dance, poetry/spoken word, drama, hip-hop, and display visual art within an integrated event focused on a specific theme. By the end, distinctions among artist, activist and audience blur in an exchange of information and dialogue around common social justice concerns.

In addition to our showcases, BAC organizes monthly Artist Development Workshops where artists come together to further develop and enhance their art, share and learn with others, and to work collaboratively to produce meaningful showcases around specific themes. These workshops also include a practical component, wherein we organize presentations on topics such as copyrighting, marketing, fundraising and other topics to assist artists in their professional development.

BAC also organizes youth programs at community spaces and schools, using performing arts to engage in dialogue about contemporary issues.

"Lyrics on Lockdown: Slamming the Prison Industrial Complex" is an annual national tour to youth detention facilities, prisons, and schools. BAC’s listserve keeps members informed about activities where they can perform to support community-organizing efforts.