Tewksbury Institute of Herpetology

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New York, NY

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About Us

The Tewksbury Institute of Herpetology, a non-profit corporation in New Jersey, is an international center dedicated to chelonian conservation, reproduction, research, education, and public awareness.

Our assurance colony complex has one of the most significant groups of turtles and tortoises in the world. Over half of the endangered and critically endangered species are represented in our holdings by large groups of unrelated adults, many of whom were rescued from food markets overseas.

Assurance colony complexes such as the Tewksbury Institute of Herpetology are dedicated to keeping options open for non-human species by assuring their survival. Minimum time frames for most species are 50 to 100 years.

For even the most modest conservation programs, assuring the survival of a species in the wild must address issues ultimately contingent upon the trajectory of nations and continents.

Implicated in our efforts are the seemingly intractable problems of war, hunger, poverty, political upheaval, overpopulation, greed, conflicting interests, economics, illegal trade, habitat loss, disease vectors and the mortality of all the players.

Our best response is often the small virtues of perseverance, building human networks, curiosity and monetary resources.

Assurance colony complexes caring for large numbers of many species are relatively new endeavors in the field of turtle and tortoise conservation. The Tewksbury Institute of Herpetology recognizes that many of accomplishments will involve the development of models for how chelonian assurance colony complexes can pursue their goals.

Our facility is involved with research, education, public awareness, rehabilitation and revenue generating through grant-writing and horticulture.