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The Middle East Peace Foundation's mission further consults to advance our successful earlier informal agreements among regional nations' notables toward their cooperation to support a needed end-game framework for the Middle East peace advance, known as the proposed "United Federation for Palestine." The proposed formal framework advance suggests that regional nations form a regional federation that builds upon mutual cooperation to advance tourism, tourism security, and tourism education. Thus, as cooperative international law matures "top-down" so must grow "bottom-up" the "mutual respect" among various regional cultural groups necessary for international law to work, thus a "lasting peace" advance to sustain development. To get from here to there, we seek further formal opportunities to link nation to nation, leader to leader,from Palestine, Egypt, Jordan and Israel. We seek to bring together their suggestions that may define their democratic participation interests. By bridging understanding, we seek to move toward a proposed regional "Millennium Madrid Middle East 'lasting peace' Summit." Regional nations then may advanced their peaceful cooperation with either charter or associate membership. They may proposed forming a joint professional administration. Defining a "lasting peace" must also have the "mutual respect" among various regional cultural groups necessary for international law with justice to work. Thus, an overall framework for a peace advance, calls for regional nations' support to form a proposed regional federation further proposed to be known as the "United Federation for Palestine." In this view, Israel is recognized to exist as a secured independant state within a wider Palestine statehood federation. Thus, the proposed joint "United Federation For Palestine" seeks to sophisticate international law with justice toward a peace advance end-game wherein "mutual respect" among the various regional cultural groups is needed for its support to advance a "lasting peace." Hence, the proposed "United Federation for Palestine" bridges peace beyond Palestine and Israel to regional cooperation to advance tourism, tourism security, and tourism education---not to distract from Palestinian issues but as a basic step for a "lasting peace" advance. The Middle East Peace Foundation views "peace" as a public social project. "Middle East peace" should be representative for world peace. Clearly, peace must be in the best interests of the children. Now, our emergency funding needs seek 1)to formalize our informal regional agreements, 2)to advance our "observer" status at the United Nations to full diplomatic Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)recognition, and to apply for United Nation's World Tourism Organization (WToO)membership application. Remarkably, some Hammas leaders have agreed to "lay down arms" if for the "infant steps" to be taken to advance an "United Federation for Palestine." For a "lasting peace," Israel may support this consideration democratically. Thus, we seek various Middle East leaders' initiatives to forward as their legacy the advance for a "lasting Middle East peace".