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About Us

Gandhiji Seva Sangam is a registered voluntary organisation started in 1992 by a veteran social worker , Mr K.Pitchai for the holistic empowerment of oppressed through the Gandhian way of rural upliftment and social, educational and cultural intervention


1.Free Note books distribution As per the prime objective of education for all, our society had organized a program on 26th June 2010 to distribute note books to poor students at Sevalayam Boys Hostel. Our founder, Mr. K Pitchai and all our members took part in this program. The warden of the Boys Hostel gave the vote of thanks

2.Yoga program

Dr. T Ravichandran , Director of Gandhi Museum, Madurai started the Yoga program at Chinthamani on 17th July 2010 for the benefit of 150 youths. He stressed the need of keeping the body and mind fit to face the stress of the modern world. Yoga and naturopathy are the best answer for many chronic ailments – which evades the modern day medicines!

3. Women Development Program

On 29th September 2010, our society conducted this program at Achampathu village. Dr .Meena and Dr Dhamayanthi were the resource persons This program was aimed at empowering the rural women to get bank linkages, health intervention and also better income prospects Nearly 70 women took part in this programme

4. Ahimsa Day Program Non Violence is the pet theme of Mahatma Gandhiji. Hence on 2nd October 2010, the Gandhi Jayanthi was observed as Ahimsa Day by our society. Mr.Perumal was the chief guest for this function. Boys and girls took part in this program which gave detailed in puts on Gandhiji’s message of peace and universal love to the conflict management. 5. Eradication of Untouchability On 15th November 2010 the Eradication of un-touchability program was conducted at Melur. Mr.Duraipandi, MA BL was the chief guest. The legal remedies for offenders of untouchability act were explained to the masses – which would serve as a deterrent for the practice of untouchability 6. Tailoring & Beautician Training program

With The cooperation of Tamilnadu Polytechnic, Madurai, Twenty five girls were given trainings on tailoring and beautician at Achampathu from April2010 to 6th October 2010 by our society. This training enabled them for new job opportunities and also motivate for self employment

7. Rural Tuition Centres Society is running five tuition centers two at achampathu and one each at Chinthamani,Subramaniapuram and Vadivelkarai for the betterment of very poor students who are unable to pay for special evening classes These classes are of ongoing program which lasts at least 10 months in a year. Many locals contribute for this program

8.Prohibition Awareness Program Drinking habit ruins the health of the individual and also the family hence on 18th December 2010 Prohibition awareness program was conducted at kottampatty. 200 villagers took part in this program

9.World women’s Day

On 14th March 2011 our society observed the world women’s day at Subramaniapuram. Dr Dhamayanthi was the Chair person for this program. This year the theme of our program was empower thro’ women collective action on their burning issues

10.Bio Diversity Conservation Program

On 27th March 2011 we have observed the bio diversity program at Vadivelkarai. Mr. Krishnababu, Mr S Shanmuganathan and the village president Mr L Arumugam were attended along with 150 village youths this program was supported by the Ministry of environment and forest of Government of India.