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About Us

Our Mission Statement

We believe firmly in giving the tools and resources to people to allow them to help themselves, and empower themselves to make a positive change in their lives.

"Out of tragedy, comes triumph." is more than just a statement to us. It is a philosophy, and a way of thinking. One persons "tragedy" may very well be another persons "bump in the road" and vice-a-versa.

We want to help provide people the resources to help them help themselves. Say for instance, we don't believe that things like unemployment benefits and such are long term solutions to a persons unemployment issues. But, it is something that most of us have paid into at one time or another thru deductions in our paychecks and more. So we are striving to include contact information for each state, for unemployment. Now, here is the flip side to the coin. The long term solution is people finding jobs, and steady and dependable employment. So we are including resources such as staffing agencies, major employers and such for each state also.

Unemployment is just one example of everyday struggles that folks have to deal with. Help with their prescriptions, utilities, and more, is an everyday concern for many people. We try to give government assistance information for all of these areas, as well as private support resource information as well as any other resource we come across that can help empower people to help themselves as much as possible and be self reliant.

As our information base grows our intentions are to actively get our site information out to as many agencies as possible that deal with the issues we are providing information for. To that end we will be scouring the internet as well as utilizing the information submitted to our site, to propagate this information to as many help entities and people as possible.

As we start gaining donations and sponsorships we also intend on creating a hard copy "pamphlet" that we can provide in quantity to various resource centers around the country, that they may in turn hand out to those that come to them for help.

After all, if for example someone is having problems paying their rent, they most likely are also having a hard time putting food on the table, or other concerns. So many times, where there is one issue, there are several. And if we only bandage one area, the rest will fester and get worse.

We also will be looking at getting our information out to HR representatives for major employers, as well as creating a .pdf version of the information for the various geographical areas, so that they may download and print as needed.