jupiter schools and nurseries




About Us

This is a community based organization formed by volunteers, with an aim of helping slum children to acquire basic education .Most of the slum children we are dealing in are orphans or arecoming from poor families .By so doing this members have come up with a motive of contributing a small amount per month to enable us pay rent, buy text books and chalks .


Our intention is to provide them with basic necessities i.e food, shelter and clothing.We cant meet this motives in a better way due to lack of finance, but we hope we shall succeed following our dedication.

Currently the school holds about 300 children distributed among the classes nursery ,class one to class eight.Due the good work we are doing the school has attracted the entire community

We are also trying to reduce the congestion of children on the Government schools by so accepting to register new children wherever they come .

Currently we are lacking enough teaching equipment, desks, and enough streams.

We would highly appreciate if you would register our organization.

Yours faithfully

Kelvince .J.Okoth Head Teacher.