A+ Elder Care, Inc.

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Rochester Hills
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About Us

A+ Elder Care Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing supportive assistance, exceptional service, education, and advocacy to elderly communities in order to preserve independence and enhance the quality of life for all seniors, adults with disabilities, their families and caregivers with a special interest for serving those with low to moderate income.

We started A+ Elder Care Inc. to change the way the world tackles poverty within the senior community. Our desire is to see thriving senior communities with astounding social affairs, quality healthcare options, exceptional and dependable home care options for all elderly and disabled individuals.

We are a family of philanthropists who pledge our honor and hard-work to making this a reality by diligently planning, problem solving, and building relationships with other non-profit and corporate companies.


The goals and services of A+ Elder Care Inc. are based on theses fundamental philosophical principles:

  • The belief in the innate worth of the aged and disabled individual
  • The belief that each individual regardless of age, sex, race, or religion is entitled to maximize his potential as a human being and member of society.
  • The belief that poverty should not be a determining factor for individual basic needs of wellness and care being met or the availability of such resources.

It is the contention of A+ Elder Care that the aging process is a normal state in development of any individual and that chronic disease and disability are, to some degree, a part of that process. The needs, feelings, and contributions of such an individual vary in scope. An assessment of such is needed to accurately match each individual with the services and resources beneficial to their specific situation. This organization is dedicated to the campaign of raising resources and allocating our services to assisting seniors and disabled individuals within the confines of their own home, in order that they can maximize their quality of life, fulfill their goals as family members, and neighbors within their communities, with a minimum of conflict. In accomplishing this, it is felt that the self-respect of the individual can and will be enhanced.