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About Us

Prospex Africa Youth Outreach Inc is a fully registered non- Government organization with the Government of Uganda and incorporated with the registrar of companies aiming at encouraging and creating opportunities for young people to reach out to other youth and communities with their God given talents, abilities, experience, skills and vocations; we are a task force of God fearing young people fully active in empowering the youth through supporting them to achieve at least a dollar every day through lobbying for them temporary jobs in construction sites, road construction, valley dam/ irrigation scheme farming and big store cleaning as well as outreach activities like health education and re- integration evangelism etc.

Our passion is therefore, to see many young people who are hopeless, the refuse of society; transform into society's basis and pillar. We believe that every person regardless of who they are, were they have been, what their circumstance are or even what they have done; has the ability to make to make it in life. In our youth, we are determined to set an example in word, conversation, charity, faith and purity!


Share love, Preach Christ for Transformation Our Vision

Our vision is of empowered transformed leaders of the next generation who sustain them selves and others and create positive change. Mission Our Mission is to provide developmental and outreach opportunities that empower young people to create positive and lasting change.