Elders Share the Arts

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138 S. Oxford St.
New York
United States

About Us

Elders Share the Arts (ESTA) offers high-caliber arts programming that ignites creative expression, cultivates elders' role as bearers of history and culture, and generates new pathways to connect them to their communities. 

Founded in 1979, ESTA is an award-winning community arts organization whose mission is to use art to ignite the creativity of older adults and enhance the meaning and quality of their lives. ESTA's programs address needs arising from the rapid aging of New York City's population. 

In less than 10 years, older adults will outnumber youth. Many are looking for meaningful, creative ways to engage with their community. Our city needs a major paradigm shift in the types of services delivered to communities, and ESTA's programs, which serves isolated, low-income older adults, has been recognized as a model program fulfilling this mandate. Creative aging programs offer older adults opportunities to foster new relationships with others, break down the chronic isolation and passive existence of many, and unlock their creative potential.

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