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About Us

Kenya in need is a community based organization which was formed in the year 2010.The aim was to alleviate struggles and lack of education in the community around the south coast region.

The majority of the people face one common problem,lack of basic

food,shelter,clothing and standard health care.In a desire to offer solution,we realize we need both short and long term solutions.

Lack of education has caused more poverty.poverty has caused many families unable to maintain children in school hence we have many primary school dropouts,and non-starters.The female children are given in to marriage earlier because of this problem and the male in child labour.

Mortality rate is also high due to lack of proper parental care,or non at all for some children are orphans.


To help meet basic primary needs of the children.

To help empower the community to be self sustaining.

To facilitate the return and sustenance of the children in school.

To offer moral and social support to the children.

To educate the community on the importance of education,health care and social values.

In addressing these,the Kenya in need initiative received overwhelming response from the community and far over the province that were not able to meet every applicants need.

We therefore engaged the government and non-governmental organization and other group that was willing to assist this worthy course in any small way.Be it material,financial,charity work,medical assistance,accommodation,education materials etc.

Whatever was available was far we were doing it in voluntary basis but we realized that we must formally register with the government of the republic of Kenya,under the ministry of GENDER,CHILDREN AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT which we did in the year 2011.

We are located in Likoni which is in the south coast of Kenya.The majority are affected by Islam as a religion.

It is after registration,that we appealed to well wishers and after reading about you,the committee agreed to ask that you partner with us in any way possible and convenient way for the welfare of our people in the society.

OUR CURRENT POSITION. We are currently assisting 16 children,5 boys and 11 girls and several families that we assist on daily basis.Hoping that we will help the rise above the below poverty level of one dollar per day. Kindly, be free to enquirer any area of interest to you for our progress. thank you, Kennedy Sammy Waningu country co-ordinator