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About Us

The main goal of the Think Green Project is to provide a clearing-house of information for teens to make conscious, thoughtful decisions with a global perspective. This project will provide young adults with diverse perspectives from important visionaries on how the governmental, institutional, and business decisions of today will have wide-ranging impact on our generation for years to come.

Only by understanding the critical environmental challenges our society faces can we take the necessary action to overcome the ignorance, apathy, greed, selfishness and shortsightedness demonstrated by so many corporations, government bodies, institutions and citizens. As a member of the next generation that will be asked to bear the brunt of these decisions, we must vow to work with those organizations, businesses and people who are working to make change.

-----We are trying to get the website up for the start of the new year!

We are always looking for more people to help out. We are trying to turn this into a nation or maybe global wide youth movement.