Theater Intervention 4 Urban Youth @ Chicago

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2259 East 73rd Street
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About Us

The Theater Interventions 4 Urban Youth organizational mission is to provide working solutions for youth-at-risk, (in Chicago neighborhoods and surrounding communities). Focusing inn the specific areas of character building, moral excellence, and strengthening value systems often damaged by negative circumstances and environment. This is done through our Theater Interventions program. It involves taking present-day situations and familiar scenarios, placing familiar situations in live performance with a built in suggestive solution. Thereby, providing the on-lookers with a possible avenue of resolve to growing problems in and around the home, school, and neighborhood in which negative behavior is common placed and viewed as the norm.

In the process, reading, writing, communication skills, critical thinking, personable skills, and conflict resolution skills are developed and/or improved.

Theater Interventions 4 Urban Youth is a community based organization dedicated to promoting right choice thinking and often damaged value systems in youth-at-risk. It is our visionary conception to,

Re-establish the benefits of moral excellence

Promote favorable elements of positive behavioral modification

Improve the quality of reasoning and mental perception

To give youth visual coping skill for problems that challenge positive growth and to enhance all levels of communication skills(I.e. reading, writing, speaking, and body language).

Encourage youth to become agents of positive social Change

Assisting youth to become positive role models for their peers