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About Us

Our mission is to engage the community, and to build community involvement through journalism and web technology.

Part of that mission touches on the idea that writers will not be hired based on resume strength, or writing skills, but more on their level of immersion in the community.

With this, we hope to work with a large variety of contributors from different backgrounds. Our dynamic content management system is an innovative design that is fairly new in the field of online journalism. We hope to use our newly created CMS to foster the flow of fresh content, while allowing new writers to join easily without having to endure a hiring process.

Our editors will be constantly passing working story budgets among our committed journalists, while ideas are added and replaced.

Our overall mission is to provide a fresh news source to the New Orleans Metro area. By engaging our readership through unbiased reporting, we can foster the growth of "community" while respecting the traditions that make New Orleans unique.

Combining all of the necessary ethics and standards that are crucial to the success of a media outlet with the fast paced nature of the world wide web, we can foster a dynamic website with an online newsroom environment that we feel will soon be at the forefront of the news industry.