Black Star Development Project

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About Us

The mission of Black Star Development Project (BSD NGO) is to help communities design, organize and implement specialized development projects within a small geographic location centered around the Ghanaian village of Busua Beach and surrounding communities located in the Western Region of Ghana.

The range and scope of our projects are broad and evolving, but the goal is to help several Ghanaian coastal communities develop sustainably while elevating the standard of living and quality of life. BSD NGO is currently focused on ecotourism and working with the Busua community to build and operate a Community Tourism Center so that local people can benefit more from the thriving tourism in the Busua area.

Our other area of interest is in the implementation of a volunteer program that will bring volunteers to Busua Beach on a regular basis. Because Busua Beach is one of the best surfing destinations in West Africa, we are implementing a surf volunteerism program, called Surf N' Shine, where volunteers are accommodated in homestays to promote inter-cultural exchange and spend part of their day volunteering on a BSD NGO run community development project and part of their day in a surf school learning to surf or surfing some of the world class surf spots in our area. The community development projects that BSD NGO has set up in collaborations with the community include a after school peer teaching program, a ICT center with computer learning classes, a Women's Club and opportunities to work at the local nearby hospital.

In the future BSD NGO may add other development projects, including education, health, sanitation and environmental projects as the community(s) voice a need for such projects. Through partnerships, project coordinators, interns and volunteers, BSD NGO works with the local communities to address their needs in a responsible way.