Friends Of East Africa Community Relief Organisation

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About Us

It locates communities in East Africa that need to be developed for the native to have employment, education, proper housing and have good health care attention. This organisation found out that feeding the needy people and also giving them the basics won't fight poverty in any community. Instead, its a repeated circle. This organisation is to develop comminities and also train every individual to know how to acquire a better way of life. Currently, this Oraganisation located a community on one of the Islands in Uganda that had land amounting to 200 acres that need to be developed for the natives to fight poverty. This Organistion is need great need of financial help from all well wishers from foundations, Institutions to individuals who want to make a difference. Let us join in this cause and all are welcome on board. This is going to be a model community in East Africa because we believe nce we inject in the western methods of living poverty will be eradicated. unfortunately, the website is under construction however you can reach me @ for more clarity on this issue.