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334, #378, Boeung Keng Kang
Chamcar Mon
Phnom Penh City


About Us

History of Organization Medicine of Hope Cambodia (MHC), is a local Non- Governmental Organization founded, On 24th July 1996 acknowledged by Council Ministry after being transferred from Medicine of Hope International (MHI) is a Non-Organization of Canada which created 07.09 1990 by registered 18.09.1990 with the number of the Canadian Bulletin registry in term of humanitarian organization (Code No.092 5073).

Background Medicine of Hope In Cambodia (MHC) is non-profit and non-political organization. To improve the socio-economic status of the poor women heads of household, homeless families, street children, victimized women and commercial sex workers and sexually abused/exploited women are in vulnerable circumstance at rural areas of country, through integrated professional skill training development program in Cambodia since 1992 supported by Medicine of Hope International - in which terminated his mission in Cambodia by the end of 1995. And MEC carried out until present.

MCH mission focus and place on primary emphasis to provide the services of Mental Health, Women and Children Education, Human Rights for Women, Street families, Commercial sex workers and Sexually abused/ exploited young women through the integrated training skills program to assist them in Kampong Thom Province deal with the Representative Office in Phnom Penh. The main linkage project was developed by Medicine of Hope International, which supported technical and financial assistance. (MHI) upgraded and strengthened the capacity building and developed human resource in order to help (MHC), as the Cambodianization.

We are at present working on the community development issues with a special focus to set up community based program and self-group discussion in the particular point of each community villagers. We intend to train the local people so that they can manage the program activity and create content which is valuable to them. They can use community-based program for not only to talk to each other but also to resolve their issues by involving the authorities and social leadership to catch up the practical solution.

We have developed an appropriate cost-effective on the community based program, which we can use in setting up the community self group discussion.

We seek Funding and assistance from Foundations and Donors to help us set up the community based program by way of granting funds and equipment.

Anybody who can help or wants to participate and share in our organisation, can write to us, or call us.

At the address: (855)023-986715/012-716688 Email:

Contact person: Vanna Meas Program Manager Nonprofit-Org Cambodia