National Legal Sanctuary for Community Advancement

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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of NLSCA is to ensure the human rights and dignity of Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian peoples. We advocate for unity through diversity via: (1) Legal defense of civil rights. (2) Responsible media coverage and depiction; (3) Proactive collaboration with governmental and non-governmental institutions; and (4) Fostering education and community outreach.

The vision of NLSCA is a society where the humanity of each individual is liberated in the pursuit of peace and equity for all.

The Next Chapter of the Civil Rights Movement

Under the guise of fighting terrorism, Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian people in the U.S. face institutionalized discrimination and widespread suspicion. Recognizing that these political and cultural changes have become systemic, NLSCA was established as a nonprofit organization to advocate for those hailing from the 24 nations targeted by the U.S. government in the wake of September 11th. In the footsteps of other human rights struggles, NLSCA pursues legal remedies and exposes the injustices of current government policies while working to relieve our nation's populace of damaging common prejudices. In this context, NLSCA has inaugurated a new civil rights legacy in California and in the nation – inspiring this country to fulfill its promise of a just society.

Our Strategies

•Legal defense through the provision of pro bono and sliding-scale counsel to individuals facing civil rights violations, FBI interrogations and detentions, selective and retaliatory immigration enforcement, employment discrimination, education discrimination and hate crimes.

•Policy advocacy and public education to effect changes in discriminatory and dangerous governmental policies and foster cultural competency in institutions.

•Media representation to counter the harmful and long-lasting effects of racial/ethnic, religious and national origin stereotypes and promote a responsible, accurate and accountable media.

•Community building through the education of community members regarding their inalienable rights in a democracy and through the provision of training in community organizing, advocacy and coalition development.