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Film Daily


Always now, forever independent


Film Daily is a new online platform connecting audiences with indie filmmakers via news, views and reviews.


Our aim is to herald in the golden age of the auteur and give everyone the tools to become a creator.


Our editorial is snarky, sassy, seriously silly, and flip – but never flippant. We employ fearless reporters and ruthless editors. We want your clicks, but won’t bait them. We promise no waffle, no filler, and no spite in our analysis. We just want to keep you entertained about entertainment.


We are your guide to:


  • Outsider storytelling with an emphasis towards equality and diversity
  • Film education & the craft of filmmaking with an emphasis on screenwriting
  • Current film news
  • The industry, film festivals and film platforms
  • How to break into the business of content creation


Our beat covers:


  • The creative and production process
  • Innovators and iconoclasts
  • The best in film, TV, cable and streaming
  • Filmmakers breaking boundaries
  • Quality, thought-provoking content
  • Industry news that relates to our mission/vision