The Virtual Scavengers Project, Inc.

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754 N. Sherman Dr.
Suite 216
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About Us

The Virtual Scavengers Project will bridge the technology gap and reduce e-waste, and in doing so, create training and educational opportunities for the underserved of our community.

Technology Gap –The Virtual Scavengers Project seeks to put computers in the hands of persons who might not otherwise have access to technology. Recycled computers and component parts will be distributed to individuals and not-for-profit organizations that cannot afford or have access to them.

E-waste – The Virtual Scavengers Project seeks to promote a clean environment by collecting, restoring and redistributing obsolete but usable computers and electronic technology. We seek to keep computers out of landfills and into the hands of people who can use them.

Training and Education – The Virtual Scavengers Project offers hands-on experiential learning along three fronts: · Training on software and hardware use · Apprenticeships on how to recycle electronic waste · Apprenticeships on how to troubleshoot and fix computers Training is geared toward non-traditional students such as seniors, Hispanics, and learning disadvantaged students. Our training provides user skills as well as job skills for those who participate in the apprenticeship programs.

Community Involvement – We form relationships with individuals in the communities that we serve. We offer a meal at all our training and apprenticeship programs. We offer classes in disadvantaged neighborhoods and typically serve blacks, Hispanics, women, seniors, and cultural outsiders.