Friends of Palestinian Vision

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About Us

The mission of Friends of Palestinian Vision is to raise awareness of and support for Palestinian Vision and the creative efforts of Palestinian youth to improve themselves and their society.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been particularly devastating for Palestinian youth, who regularly face restrictions on movement, military checkpoints, fear of violence, the loss of community members, and increasingly under-developed social and economic structures. “Ru’ya” (vision) was established in Jerusalem in 1998 by a small group of Palestinian youth seeking to answer this challenge by promoting and creating positive leadership roles for youth within Palestinian society. In its first years of operation, Ru’ya quickly filled a social vacuum – expanding to a membership of over five hundred youth from throughout the eight districts of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Today, Ru’ya’s all-youth, all-volunteer staff operates from offices in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jenin, with nine grassroots coordinators operating throughout the Palestinian territories. Men and women between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five are engaged in an array of training workshops and community service programs designed to build leadership skills; strengthen self-esteem, identity and community spirit; and provide positive channels for self-expression. Ru’ya is not a political organization and takes no political positions. Its vision is of a future in which Palestinian youth serve as positive community leaders, working to improve and advance Palestinian society at all levels.

The purpose of its sister organization is two-fold:

1. To raise awareness of and support for Ru’ya and the creative efforts of Palestinian youth to improve themselves and their society; and 2. To help Ru’ya expand its English-language print and web publishing.

Activities include:

1. Speaking tours for Ru’ya staff within the United States 2. Delegations from the United States to the Palestinian territories, in order to learn about and participate in Ru’ya projects 3. Consultation with Ru’ya regarding English-language publications