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About Us

What we do:

CA Bikes International is a registered non-profit organization, dedicated to providing access through helping children, partial or total orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic and individuals in need in Uganda by donating bicycles and building custom tricycles and wheelchairs for those unable to move on their own.

The reality of rural Uganda, beyond the tough dirt roads and extreme weather conditions, is the distances individuals must travel to reach school and other vital services. We have made it our goal to select qualifying individuals in need and give them the gift of mobility in combination with a network of support services, i.e. hospital and nutrition services.

Bikes Uganda helps orphans and other vulnerable children access education, or healthcare and also create employment opportunities for many unemployed Ugandans in an attempt to ease poverty through the proven power of a bicycle.

We locally manufacture all our wheelchairs, trikes, hand-powered tricycles, and bicycles out of scrap metal, recycled steel sheet metal and other locally available resources.

Who we are:

We are still in the beginning stages of building this organization. It all began with a senior synthesis initiative by Christopher Ategeka at UC Berkeley 1 year ago, who himself was an orphan in Uganda and received a bicycle from a partnering organization (Y.E.S.) in order to ride the 8 miles one way to school instead of walking and thus saving critical energy and time to perform better in his studies and live a more productive life. Now a PhD student in mechanical engineering, Chris has set out to take CA Bikes to the next level. We have received grants from both UC Berkeley and Chevron and are currently in the final rounds to receive a grant from the US Embassy in Uganda.

We are currently a team of two here in California, with a larger team working in Uganda at our distribution site. We are easy going, very passionate about our cause and are looking for more team members with talent and ingenuity looking to make a dent in the world to join our team.

Our Vision

To use bicycles as a tool to help increase access to education, employment and healthcare through improved mobility and self-empowerment of the youth.


To provide community based education, mobility and assist youth programs with development projects with the help of tri-cycles, bicycles wheelchairs and related technical assistance.


  • To promote better school attendance of orphans and impoverished youth who commute many miles by supplying them with bicycles that will improve access to schools.
  • To give a small supportive hand with school fees where necessary to orphans who have lost both their parents that are struggling to stay in school but keeping the main focus on mobility improvement.
  • To promote HIV testing and counseling and encourage the much-needed fight of HIV and AIDS in the western Uganda among the youth through easy mobility.
  • To build wheel chairs for Disabled persons and let them realize that disability is not immobility.
  • To run the Non profit in a professional and transparent manner.
  • To recruit,train, and retain competent orphans and impoverished youth as bicycle mechanics and turn them into professionals to serve the Community.