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About Us

There are over 1000 yoga teachers in Colorado. If every one of us volunteered only one day of the year to bring the practice we love to those who may not otherwise be exposed to it, we would create three heart opening opportunities per day. And that is just the exciting potential of one state. Yoga teachers know the life changing potential that a yoga practice can provide. Many of us have experienced our own transformation while cultivating a peaceful life through the realization of our own unique inner power. I believe that we all desire to share that peace with those who may be in desperate need of hope or encouragement. The desire is there, but for many, the direction may still be a mystery. That is where Yoga World Reach comes in. Our goal is to give that desire a clear direction, so that every yogi and yogini can know the joy of sharing peace through inner power.

We are committed :

to researching ways that yoga and meditation can inclusively serve the global community.

to co-creating programs for correctional facilities, crisis prevention centers, women’s shelters, schools, health care facilities and practitioners, rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters, and those with special needs.

to serving as a link between yoga teachers and opportunities for seva via our seva database.