Nasha Lending

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2801 Pelham Road
United States

About Us

Nasha connects real people and their stories through small loans. The Nasha mission is to meet immediate needs of under-resourced entrepreneurs in our community through loans provided by everyday people. These loans allow for real life change through economic stability and independence.

Nasha is Hebrew meaning “to lend.” The biblical concept of lending as found in Exodus is to lend to those in need without interest.

Nasha provides a platform to make a loan to a local entrepreneur with a particular need.

Nasha allows you to connect with a story, select the entrepreneur, decide how much to lend, and then step back and see life change. Watch the impact of small loans in the daily lives of the entrepreneurs and their families through updates of their stories. Loan repayments are reinvested through Nasha for additional culturally engaged activities.