United Independent Party

  • MA

About Us

In Massachusetts, like throughout America, politics has become predictable, frustrating, and uninspiring. Most of us now can predict what a Democratic or Republican politician's position on a subject will be simply based on whether they have a "D" or an "R" next to their name. At a time when we face serious problems and challenges, we need better. We need to change more than piecemeal bits of outdated policies. We must change the entire mindset.

Like our founders before us, we need a movement, and candidates for office, who will spend the time to really think and learn about issues, and engage the public in explaining what they want to do, and why – instead of poll-tested sound bites. We need leaders who will treat voters like adults. Leaders who are willing to face the reality that much of what we've been trying to do to solve growing problems in our state isn't working.

It's time to put aside the tired, cynical "Left-versus-Right" debates and start anew. It's time to bring to our political process people who have the humility to understand that real progress takes time, a clear sense of direction, and the involvement of everyone with a stake in making our state a better place.

It will take not only legislative leaders, but community activists, cutting-edge scholars, and regular people who want to see Massachusetts set off in a brave new direction.

We need to stop what doesn't work and start doing what does. This sounds simple, but for decades now leaders have not been held accountable enough to ensure this pragmatic thinking and direction.

When it comes to actual solutions, we need to be compelling, real and bold.

This is what the United Independent Party is all about.