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About Us

WORLD FIT FOR CHILDREN: WFFC is an internationally focused, non-sectarian, not-for-profit, charitable organisation dedicated to improving the lives of children. WFFC is able to support projects around the world.

PHILOSOPHY: The WFFC philosophy sets it apart from other organisations. WFFC believes strongly that as a children’s organisation, the only way to help children is to ask them directly, as it is the children themselves who can best tell us what they need.

WFFC hopes to grow into a global organisation with an ability to lend support to all of the funding requests WFFC receives. In order to accomplish this, WFFC needs to continue to build on its support base, both in terms of increasing the capacity of WFFC volunteers, and in terms of increasing the donor base.

ALBERTA WFFC: In an attempt to expand and increase their support base, WFFC opened an Alberta Chapter in the fall of 2008. The purpose of the Alberta Chapter is to advocate, raise awareness and fundraise. Currently, we are fundraising for the Girl Child Education Project in the West Bengal State, India.

GIRL CHILD EDUCATION: In hopes of alleviating the illiteracy rates in India, WFFC has partnered with a local Indian non-profit organization called Sri Mayapur Vikas Sangha (SMVS) to raise money to build a primary school with an emphasis on girls in the Sri Mayapur Village.

YOU CAN HELP: WFFC is always looking for volunteers and/or members to contribute to making the Primary school a reality for the children of the Sri Mayapur Village. To join Alberta WFFC, please email me at