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About Us

Mission & Vision

AFEAHRD's mission & vision is to pioneer an approach that believe in a participatory process and development which puts our environment & human development at the center of all its endeavors.

  • Working for establishing rights of undeprivileged womens such as, Hijra, Sex workers, Human Trafficking Victims, Victims of social discrimination etc :
  • • Promote human rights education amongst Bisexual and Transgender community through training & recreational cultural activities and also build up a sense of urgency based on their rights.
  • • Empower bisexual and transgender (Hijra) people through network, linkage and cooperative professional association.
    • Strengthen and promote bisexual and transgender (Hijra) organizations.
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) opens with the simple but powerful statement that 'All members of the human family' have equal and inalienable rights, an affirmation that should be seen as of the most significant legacies of the 20th century. The pivotal motto of this activity is to promote and enlighten individuals as well as organizations those are suffering on 'Bisexual and Transgender' rights. The project will try to establish: equal right to life; equal freedom from arbitrary arrest; equal freedom from torture and ill-treatment; equal freedom of expression and association; equality before the law; and equity in dignity and rights amongst Hijra community.
  • Education & Profession
  • Being a developing country, Bangladesh is yet to cut a good figure in the rate of literacy of the people. Though there is an urge for vocational training, more and more youths are being educated in non-technical fields. This has given rise to unemployment in recent years. Orphan & shelter less children are being deprived of adequate employment opportunity compared to the others.
  • More than 5o% of the country populations are woman amongst more than 40% are housewives. They are staying out of our country economy. They are neglecting from the society in different ways and also violating their rights due to lack of empowerment. The main motto of the program is to help the housewives so that they can earn.