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About Us

The Edible Plant Project (EPP) is a volunteer-based organization working to promote edible landscaping and local food abundance in North Central Florida. The goal of the EPP is to create positive alternatives to the unsustainable food system in this country.

We achieve this through an our nursery: an international, diverse collective of well adapted and nutritious speciality crops, plants and only edibles, fruits, & nuts, nestled in Urban East Gainesville, FL (Home of University of Forida _ UF, and it's IFAS which runs Extension for every FL county) but on a nature preserve of organic community orientated family farms. We are members of Grow Gainesville, a network of farms you also get involved with.

We encourage PUBLIC planting, sharing, and digital mapping of these as well.

FREE PLANTS & SEEDS FOR HELPING, WEEKLY FREE Hands on WORKSHOPS or Working: Volunteers may earn or donate time to causes or people by helping on or off the garden or nursery, . We welcome foragers, researchers, master gardeners, outreach workers, health & nutrition specialists, journalist/PR, event: party, sales & potluck coordinators, grant writers, fundraisers, student groups, bug specialists (entomologist), all walks of faith (but please let's focus on plants).

INTERNS, VOLUNTEERS OF MANY INTERESTS & SKILLS NEEDED RIGHT NOW: We missed a deadline for a grant recently (*100% volunteer since 9/11/2001, est 501c3 - 2006) but we did not have enough help to complete on time. We wanted to hire at 4-6 people staff. We have many types of opportunities from simple to complex projects. Presently, we have a very small leadership and need more. We envision a series of goals for people to PLEDGE volunteer hours per season, MINIMALLY: 2 - infinity. Let's cross-pollinate our efforts and grow together.

Imagine the impact on hunger if everyone of use spend a mere 2 hours, imagine what it would do collectively. Reclaiming you food has a chain reaction to improving and achieving many things within human ecology as well as anything that is connected to our web of life force .

Cover photo: retired Nasa Engineer & Fine Artist Dan Culburtson, was a foundational volunteer, passed in 02/2013. We pledged at his memorial that we would try and do what we can to affect cancer, which he bravely fought for 10 years.