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About Us

Alone We do little, Together We Can do More!

With Harmony and Love, we can help these children achieve their goals. We aim to Craete a strategy of self sufficiency in Africa. Afriksoul is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization aiming to create a Welfare system in Africa -a strategy of self sufficiency- that could lead to better African Children in all area of Health- Education,we aim to break Children traffics and bring a hope to orphans and war-affected children...At a crucial and vulnerable time in their lives, war-affected and displaced children are stripped of their childhood and, in many cases, their humanity. With entire communities, schools, homes and families destroyed, they often lack the care, protection and support necessary to thrive. In this environment, their specific needs are complex, diverse and urgent. Educating them will save the word! Should we believe in the statement "If Education is Expensive, Try Ignorance", we can have a healthier world. To do More, JOIN US!!