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About Us

Women At Work is a career and job resource center that serves clients in Los Angeles County, helping individuals attain full employment and strengthening their earning potential by providing training, retraining, individual and group counseling, and career resources. Founded in 1979, the initial focus was to provide career counseling to help women identify and prepare for career choices. Later, computer training was added to help clients stay abreast of changes in the work environment. Over the past three years, client numbers have risen steadily in an economy where there are many qualified applicants for too few jobs. In light of this, many customers come to Women At Work requesting help with employment search, research, and job placement assistance. Each month, over 500 clients use the agency’s services, clearly demonstrating a need for increased workforce development services in the region. Unemployed and underemployed individuals turn to Women At Work for customized services tailored to their unique needs. In calendar year 2012, the agency saw over 6,000 client visits for workforce development services.

Women At Work’s Career Resource Center serves as a regional hub for walk-in job seekers who can access a variety of bilingual (English/Spanish) programs and services for a nominal access fee. A selection of technology/computer workshops and other courses to support skills building, job search, and career planning are offered at affordable rates. A weekly Job Club, quarterly Employer Forum and a monthly Client Networking Night are among the most popular group activities. The agency also offers services at a satellite location in collaboration with the City of Pasadena, as well as project specific activities with local nonprofits, schools, and government organizations.

All programs are built around the agency’s core employment services: self-directed services, intensive and individualized case management, and skills training. Special programs provide services to specific groups, including low-income customers, monolingual Spanish-speaking individuals, and older workers. Additional services are provided on a sliding scale and include workshops and individual career counseling. Income earned through service provision contributes to the agency’s overall long-term sustainability efforts.