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About Us

Our nonprofit operates globally to rescue Children, Women, and Families in desperate need. We are intent on reclaiming villages, through new ways of farming, education, clean water, and healthcare. Our current focus is on the extreme poverty situations in the mountain regions of Guatemala where lack of food, education, and work is driving the orphan crisis in that country. It is estimated that 40% of the indigenous population is illiterate making opportunity scarce. In addition to this an estimated 50% of the population of the country is below the age of 16.

 Our 3 fold plan to change the current state of affairs there is this. 1. Meet immediate physical needs in our target area, food, clothing, and medical needs. 2. Build shelter for the families who have no place to call home. We know that shelter is a priority in forming hope and relieving anxiety which is fundamental in the growth of any family. 3. The third part of the plan is likely the most important. We know through experience that we can feed a family for long periods of time just to watch them go hungry after we leave, due to lack of ability to provide for themselves. We also know that if we shelter them and do not teach them to take care of themselves and their shelter it will only be a matter of time until they move on looking for food or opportunity. Therefore we are forming training for the men in local work opportunity using local business and farmers to train skills. We are training the women in domestic skills, child care skills, and in as many skills outside of the home as possible. In addition if we find any unique skill among them we will show them how to market the skill where they might not have realized possible.