Boston Alliance for COmmunity Health

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95 Berkeley Street
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About Us

The Boston Alliance for Community Health (BACH) is a multi-sector alliance of neighborhood community health coalitions, health centers, hospitals, community-based organizations and residents. BACH’s mission is to to create a healthy Boston through data-driven, evidence-based health planning and improvement initiatives on the neighborhood and city-wide levels. Our goal is to reduce health disparities and improve the health status of Boston's residents. BACH is the Community Health Network Area (CHNA) for the city of Boston and has been engaged in this work since 1992, working in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Boston Public Health Commission. Over the years, BACH’s members have designed and implemented a range of interventions including those focused on substance abuse prevention with youth and adults, suicide prevention, and trauma reduction. We have provided trainings on a range of prevention issues as well as the use of the Strategic Prevention Framweork used by substance abuse and community health groups around the nation, coalitionbuilding skills as well as the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership process we have implemented on the neighborhood and citywide levels in the past 2 years .