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There are two main causes of automobile accidents: machine error
and human error. 

ASF founded 1988, addressed the number one machine error in automotive history: the spring loaded ignition switch steering locks. This hazardous device, standard equipment on most cars since 1969,causes accidents, increases auto theft, and has not merit whatsoever! For years ASF has campaigned to abolish steering lock production, as well as offer
public warning on this crisis. Today, thanks to this work, and help
of former President Clinton, and others,  "Immobilizer" safe and modern auto theft prevention technology has become law in Europe and Canada,
and is in extensively in use by American auto makers as the new industry
standard. ASF liberated the automobile and would recommend
only the purchase of vehicles equipped with button ignition switches
(Immobilizer) and avoid purchase of any automobiles still using ignition switches, as their recalls has really only begun!  After this resounding success to address machine error in this century, ASF is focusing on human error, namely distracted driving the number one cause of accidents. The NHTSA distracted driving is a "deadly epidemic" and ASF has the cure: the science of road concentration, Eyes on the Road/Hands on the Wheel. There is a international need for the modernization of driver licensing and education to impart this urgent message to both drivers and passengers, see With over a million people dying in auto accidents and over two million seriously injured last year, auto safety is one cause everyone, including pedestrians, must concern themselves with. Can you help  communicate the ASF life saving information worldwide with a contribution of money or services? ASF P.O. Box 12183 La Jolla, CA 92039.CA 92039