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About Us

India Christian Ministries is an indigenous ministry dedicated to community transformation working through Covenant Churches in villages, towns and cities. These churches form a base from which ICM engages in various service activities aimed at improving the living conditions of the poor in India, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. India Christian Ministries’ purpose is to impact every area of people’s lives in a positive and life changing way. We have instituted a wide range of programs and events to address the needs of the poor in areas such as health and hygiene, education, famine and flood relief. We are not only assisting the poor in their current circumstances, but we are training and educating them, so that the cycle of poverty may be broken in future generations.

Covenant Child Development Centers

In our Covenant Child Development Centers, twenty-five of the poorest children in the village (from every religious background) gather at the center, a program based in the local church, for two hours every evening. There they enjoy a hot meal and spend time doing their homework with a tutor on hand to help with difficult problems and questions, something illiterate parents are unable to do. Additionally, the children receive a private school education and also have the chance to spend time in worship, prayer, and learning the Scriptures. In this way, entire families are blessed and are being drawn to the Lord through this local church outreach and support for their village.

Covenant Children's Homes

India Christian Ministries aims to establish a Covenant Children's Home in every village that has an established church building and faith community within the ministry efforts of India Christian Ministries. To date this number exceeds 300. The children nurtured in these homes will then have a chance to grow and take advantage of opportunities that will enhance the life of the entire village in coming years, challenging the cycle of poverty that regularly grips rural Indian villages.

Sarah's Covenant Homes

We rescue abandoned children with neuro & devel. special needs and offer them love, education, therapy, med & surgical care, and LIFE in Jesus.