RightRides for Women's Safety

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388 Atlantic Ave
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About Us

RightRides for Women’s Safety (RRWS) was formed in 2004 to build safer communities by working towards ending gender-based harassment and sexual assault. Our goal is to eradicate violence against women and LGBTQ individuals by engaging and empowering vulnerable communities through direct service and intervention, safety education, grassroots organizing, and policy advocacy.

We achieve our goals through two programs:

I. RightRides

RightRides provides women and LGBTQ individuals a free, safe car ride home every Friday and Saturday night from 11:59PM to 3:00AM in 45 neighborhoods throughout New York City. Because mass transit isn't always a safe way to get home and for many taxis aren't affordable, RightRides provides women and LGBTQ people with an option that allows them to move through the city unharmed.

II. New Yorkers for Safe Transit

In 2009, RRWS co-founded New Yorkers for Safe Transit (NYFST), the only coalition in NYC dedicated to ending gender-based violence in mass transit. NYFST mobilizes communities to increase safety in NYC's mass transit system using a comprehensive approach:

  • Public Awareness Raising
  • Safety Education Trainings
  • Leadership Building & Mobilization
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Strategic Communications