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About Us

Youth International is an experiential learning program that combines rugged international travel, cultural exchange, outdoor adventure, volunteer community service work, and home stays with local families. Teams of up to 14 peers between the ages of 18 and 25 travel together with two group leaders. During a 3-month semester, they explore three different countries in one region of the world. 

Through a balanced combination of experiences, each Youth International team member is set up for an intense and dynamic first-hand education about the region in which they are traveling. At the same time, they are presented with a unique environment and opportunity for self-discovery.The Asia program visits Thailand, India, and Nepal. The South America program visits Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. 

In Asia, you live with a family in the mountains of Nepal while helping to build a school for their community, meditate with Tibetan monks in the Himalayan mountains, visit the Taj Mahal, go on a camel safari in the desert, explore southern Thailand. 

In South America, you help to build an orphanage in Bolivia, learn to speak Spanish while living with local families, hike through the Peruvian Andes to Machu Picchu, do conservation work in the Ecuadorian rain forest, search for wildlife while sailing through the Galapagos Islands and much more...

College credit options are also available through a partnership with Western State Colorado University.

Programs are offered twice per year, with start dates in September and February. Full program itineraries covering every day of the next available trips are available on the Youth International website.