Tibetan Community Comprehensive Development Program


Dawu town in Golog prefecture


About Us

This program is still at its embryo stage. The current work contains three main elements, first a private community school, which is largely open for children and women who could not afford or not able to attend ordinary schools, though the school is also open to requests from men and relatively educated people. Second, the program includes collaboration with two major state hospitals in trying to make their service more accessible for Tibetan nomadic people who usually cannot get prompt and good quality health care, also trying to improve people’s health & hygiene awareness, meanwhile, trying to train more local clinic doctors so that to improve their medical service quality. Third, the program includes collaboration with county and prefecture bureaus, trying to work with them on finding the proper type of trees, scrubs and other plantations to protect this part of Tibetan plateau’s environment, and to combat desertification process. Currently the school enrolls about 50 people, half children and about half are adult women.